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How To Create  Professional  Behavioral and Traditional Interviews
 For Any Job Position
In Your Organization within Minutes.

Let us Help You Hire the Right Candidate? 




Why is Interview Creator  used by by companies such as Pepsi, Boeing 
Airlines, Federal Express, Black & Decker
, the Kent Police 
and over 350 recruitment companies and 23 Universities 

Interview Creator  allows you to ....


Create Professional 'Interview Guides' for any position in your organization in minutes! 

90% of the work is already done for you!

Interview Creator is a Interview Guide creator that helps employers build printed "structured interview" for any position. 

Simply select the key competencies you'd like your 'ideal candidate' to have. 

Select the grade you want to interview the candidate at from the choice of Entry Level, Intermediate Level, Managerial Level to Senior Level and then select/edit the questions you want.

Then.... Interview Creator will automatically produce a customized Printed Interview Guide for that position - in minutes!


Interview Creator Makes Sure You Hire The Right  Candidate - First Time......   

And avoid the costs of having to re-advertise, re-interview 
and re-hire again later on

Interview Creator
is designed to avoid Bad Hiring Decisions 
and help you Hire the Right People the First Time.

It is designed to force you to 

AND to FOCUS first on ALL the 
specific skills and COMPETENCIES 
you want in the RIGHT employee ....

And then....Interview Creator 
 will CREATE for you.......

All the SPECIFIC Interview questions you will need to ask each 
candidate to discover if they really have these competencies!


Case Study

Claire Gannon 

  Pivot Table 

Here are the new interview Questions Claire now asks her future staff


Our problem was high turnover. We'd hire people- train them - but soon they'd leave! We wanted people with staying power, persistence and loyalty.

Using Interview Creator, we used these as our core competencies and let interview Creator create interview Questions for us based around these core qualities.   

So instead of asking people the usual old questions, we began to ask them behavioral-based questions on how they behaved in the past to predict how long they'd stay with us. 

And it makes a huge difference. The better information I'm now eliciting from candidates helps me make better decisions. I have halved my bad hires in the best year. With great resultant savings. 


Why use Interview Creator ? 

You and your staff can now create instant, professional, top quality Interviews in minutes! 

You can also:
Brand each Interview Guide  with your OWN details.
Customize each interview by adding your own Questions. 
Edit, save, print and modify each interview for future use! 

Benchmark candidates' answers and competencies levels.







Case Study

John Martin
John Martin of MartinX Recruiting consultants has added a direct link to his Interview Creator Online account on his intranet, where all his consultant can quickly create behavioral interviews for their interviewing clients.

We are general sector consultants, so its been a great benefit to us in making our interviewing more effective and organized. We have built up a large reservoir of interviews which can be edited quickly via the Interview Creator Online.

We can also brand each Interview Guide  with our employer client's OWN details. And we can customize each interview by adding your own past Questions -and then Edit, save, print and modify each interview for future use! 

Interview Creator Online is now also used by Integrated one of Australia's largest recruitment companies.

You can measure the Time and Cost savings it will  make. 

By helping you hire the right person- the first time- you will save money every time you use Interview Creator. For example, how much would it cost you if you had to start advertising and recruiting again? 

You can also now create standard and effective professional Interviews without paying high-priced consultants.

You can now Benchmark each candidate's response to each of your Interview Questions -to help you avoid ANY disastrous hiring Decisions.

We provide you with an 'Answer Guidelines' to EACH question to help measure the effectiveness of each candidates response. 

Create all your interview Questions with confidence! 

Each of our 3,500 Interview Questions has been created, tested and proven by our team of occupational psychologists, led by Dr. Patrick  J. Collins to enable you to fully assess each competency. Every Interviews Guides also adheres to legal guidelines for fair recruitment practices. It also creates  professional documentation for each interviewee for record keeping purposes.


Order now Risk Free

Case Study

Aine O'Leary 

Aine O'Leary, a business consultant uses Interview Creator  when creating professional interviews for her clients. 

'We can only offer this service because of Interview Creator Online™, as its brings together its database of professionally created Questions/Behaviors and it's ability to create professional documentation for each interview. 

Every Interviews Guide we create also adheres to legal guidelines for fair recruitment practices, which is very important. Another key thing for us is that it lets us output personalized reports. The fact that we can put our name and brand on each report is a huge plus for us'.

Avoid potentially disastrous hiring decisions with our......... 

Red flags Alerts! 

If a candidate responds negatively to a series of Questions - our Red flag Alert system will alert you to pay particular attention  to this candidate. There are serious potential problems here.

Essential if you want to avoid a potential disastrous hiring decision.

Order now Risk Free

No Time - Need an Interview Instantly!

Interview Creator Online  also contains over 200 'Ready-to-Use' instant Interviews. Just Select the Interview for the position you require and the Interview is created instantly! 

Behavior-based Interviews double the accuracy of hiring decisions

Research has shown that Behavior-based Interviewing is more than twice as effective as traditional old style Questioning at predicting how candidates are likely to perform in the future*

*Salgado, J. F. (1997) Personnel Selection Methods' in C. L. Cooper and I. T. Robinson, International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. New York: Wiley  

Download Article Download our free PDF e-book  
Proof of the Effectiveness of Behavior-Based Interviews mixed 
with traditional questions.

Instant ACCESS! No waiting! No Delay! 

When you order, just log on .....

And in a few minutes, you can be creating all the interviews you want.

It's as simple and as QUICK as that!

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